We’re Expecting!

Disclaimer…This single dad is not expecting any baby in the near future.  So here we go…

First off, thank God for family!  I mean seriously.

Secondly I have to state I probably have the worst memory out of everyone in my family.  Perhaps it’s the abundance of fun I had when growing up, or perhaps the creative mind that gets distracted too easily.  Either way my brother texted me tonight asking if I could send the link for the video I created several years ago to announce my youngest son’s birth to my family, and I had completely forgotten I had even created it!

So as most curious minds are, I set off on a mission to dig through countless files on my Mac, and finally found it!

It’s always fun to revive something created from the past.  It usually can bring back those lost forgotten memories which can be good or bad, but in my case, a very critical critic of my own work examining everything I shoulda woulda coulda have done.

But if anything, I can look back and relive the day I forced my family into the living room of my parents house to show them this video I created.  It was a fun moment in time, and all I can remember is that my mom was the last person to pick up on the message that we were actually having a baby.

So I hope you enjoyed!  Again…no baby for this guy anytime soon.

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