Everything happens for a reason.

So yesterday evening I was scheduled for some senior pictures with an amazing family I have known for a few years, and I was so excited!  I found a prime location in a forest where the leaves were finally starting to show their blossoming fall colors.  It was going to be a great photo session!

We had planned to meet about 5:30ish after her volleyball practice, where we would then have plenty of time to capture some photos with the amazing colors of the trees. It was also prime time for golden hour; the hour right before sunset where the atmosphere of the light and color just breath life into every shot. This is typically the thought going through every photographers head when they shoot photos.  I know it was for mine.

So after waiting a short time, I get a text saying, “practice went late, Aly’s getting ready,” followed by an angry face emoji.  “No worries” I said, as it still was just an hour before sunset, so we would have plenty of time!

….Then I get a call about 20 minutes later…”do you still want us to come?”  Eager to get them there and shoot before the sun dropped off the horizon, I said “Yes, if you’re here in the next 15-20 minutes, we’ll still have plenty of time!”

Well…another 30 minutes or so goes by.  I look down at the Weather App on my iPhone to confirm what the sunset time was supposed to be, then I slowly watched the sun fade behind the trees. 15 minutes left till sunset.  As I looked into the prairie field and realized the majority of it was now covered with the shadows of the trees far beyond in the distance, they pull into the parking lot and hopped out of the car!

“Well” they said, “What should we do?”  As the thought of rescheduling the session probably occurred in all of our minds.  I said, “Well, we only have a few minutes before that patch of sun is completely gone.  So lets get in the field now, and just see what happens!”

I’ll be honest, I was really looking forward to the sunset.  I had a whole vision in my head of the pictures I wanted to take, with all the colors of the leaves, and bridge, and everything.  But you know what.  I am really really glad they were late.

My vision, and theirs probably too, now took a unique twist as we started from scratch and flew by the seat of our pants without the sun.  We made the best of the situation and decided, what if we attempt a semi night time shoot.  Meh, we don’t need the sun.  We have a giant Full Moon!

So that’s exactly what we did!  After a handful of shots in the prairie field and the dying sun in the background, we played frogger in the street with the giant moon as our backdrop as cars drove right past us.

Then we decided to head to some vacant house and barn, that I guess is used for haunted houses, in the complete darkness.  Yes, very creepy, and yes very dark.  We were determined though.  Armed with the lights on our iPhones and the headlights of the trusty mini van, we were on a mission.

Long story short, everything happens for a reason.  In my opinion, this by far has been one of my most favorite photo shoots.  We all had to think on our feet.  It put us in an unpredictable situation, that together I feel we succeeded.

So even though I didn’t get the shots of the vision in my head, I am extremely grateful and happy with the outcome of what we did get.  And judging by the smile on Aly’s face I think we did ok.  But I’ll leave that decision up to you.



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