Meet Aly

So for those of you who missed Round 1 of pictures with Aly, you can check it out over HERE.  Even though that night didn’t go as planned, she still nailed it with her smile and easy going personality.

Now on for round 2. Let me set the scene…

Same place, same time…I wait…The sun was peeking through the bare branches casting shadows across the peaceful minnesota fall colors that would soon paint the background of the photos I originally wanted with Aly.

I was a bit worried however because there were so many bare trees, and I wanted to make sure we got some of the beautiful fall minnesota colors that everyone strives for.  So after about 20 minutes waiting and wondering if we were going to have a repeat of Round 1, Mom pulls up in trusty mini van and unloads the car filled with kids.

They hop out and we immediately start walking the trails.  Little did they know I would take them on a mile long hike, but I wanted to make sure we got to a little bridge tucked way back on the trail before the sun fell off the horizon.

So all in all, it was a beautiful night with great people and I must give kudos to Aly for knocking Round 2 out of the park!

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