Meet the Osterman Family

For those of you who have lived in Minnesota long enough, you know better than anyone that one day it will be 50º and sunny, and the next day it would turn to 10º with mother nature covering the ground in beautiful white snow.

Luckily for this adventure, the Osterman Family and I were able to roam the forest of Elk River in 40º weather!  There was mud, there were laughs, and there were two boys who may or may not have run off into the woods and gotten a little lost, but all in all there was no blood shed.

I have known this family for a few years and have grown pretty fond of them.  You could say they bring out the little kid in me and honestly I’m not entirely sure how these two parents keep up!  The energy of these four kids alone would be enough to put any triathlon athlete to sleep!  Speaking of… we need another night of Ghosts in the Grave Yard at your house!

Anyways I can’t thank you enough for the smiles, laughs and crazy photo adventure!


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