Happy Birthday Mr. B

It seems like yesterday that my son was always in need of someone to help him. Where did Mr. Independent come from?  How did time go by so quickly?  I know I say this every time but, I am just in awe of this little man.  Sometimes I get caught off guard with the thoughts, the words, the comments his little brain just spits out of his mouth.  It is truly fascinating how much little kids can retain and their eagerness to want to know everything.

So Happy 6th Birthday my little man!  You’re an amazing big brother.  Your personality is priceless.  Your heart is worn on your sleeve with enough smiles to brighten any room.  I can’t wait for the countless years ahead of us to learn and watch each other grow.  Thank you for being awesome and always know that how ever much you love me, I’ll still love you more.

And obviously it wouldn’t be right to not post some photos, so here are just a few of my favorite throughout the past year.  Enjoy!

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