The Fantastic Four

Family. Some people love theirs, some people don’t.  I can only speak to my experience growing up and how important family is to me. For those of you who know me well, you know that the ties between my family is strong, and the bond between my brothers is stronger.  We’re a package deal.  Everyone knows everything…well almost.

But this post isn’t about my entire family.  It’s more of a reflection looking back through the years and more importantly recognizing the birthdays of my brothers, as they have molded, shaped, and helped me to where I am today.

So to begin, Happy Birthday Eric and Nick.
May the years ahead of you not only bring you joy, happiness and love, but also more traveling to Minnesota…as I have shed that needs to be built.  Thanks.

My mom called me the other day, like she does every year asking what should she do for my brother’s birthdays, and as we discuss different ideas, we pretty much came to the conclusion that Nick may be the hardest person to shop for on this planet, and Eric would be happy with a 99¢ Ferrari Hot Wheels car.

But seeing how Eric has every Ferrari Hot Wheel x2 ever made, and Nick has every “Seen on TV” item ever thought of, we started thinking of what to create and build for them. Because you know, homemade gifts are honestly more memorable.

Me personally, mostly because i’m broke, will give them…you guessed it….pictures and priceless artwork from a 3 and 6 year old.  Which sometimes you just can’t put a price tag on creations like that.

So as my mission continued for this post, I dug through 100,000+ photos of the past few decades to try to find as many pictures as I could of the “Four Feld Boys”.

Not going to lie, it was a trip down memory lane and it was awesome.

While going through them, all I could think about was how we have evolved and changed over the years and how today whenever anyone hears or sees us together, it’s almost immediately observed that the four of us have our complete own language, nicknames, mannerisms, inside jokes, and strong willed independent creative picky minds.

Bless our parents souls.

I’ll give you a brief example.  I think it is most confusing to be a third party in one of our conversations as we’re talking about each other.  We use nicknames and references to many different things , so it’s often hard for a new person who doesn’t know us very well to follow along.

We all have different nicknames for each other, but to clarify, Eric and Nick are my oldest identical twin brothers.  Just look through the older pictures.  Can you tell them apart?!  And Andrew is the middle child.  Not sure where he got his looks from, but it’s his looks that earned him one of his very first nicknames.  Duck.  Growing up he had the softest, most vibrant yellow hair.  So Duck is one of a few handful of names that has stuck.

As I mentioned earlier though, we all have different nicknames for each other. Eric and Nick’s names are interchangeable.  Identical twins remember…  so either of them go by “Your/My Brother” or the phrase “Excuse You”. Andrew goes by “My Friend” or “Duck” for the most part.  Now that I think about it, I think we only use real names when we talk to our parents.  But if it’s us four together, It can get confusing pretty quickly.

Can you imagine being newly introduced to us four and hearing:

“Have you seen my friend?  No, call my brother, he may be with duck”.

I’m pretty sure you would get lost instantly trying to figure out who we’re actually talking to. It’s like the “Who’s on third” skit all over again.

Ahh Brothers.  I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  I hope you enjoy a brief walk in time through the history in the making of the Four Feld Boys.

Notice it starts with the greatest gift in the first picture…the youngest brother.

Happy Birthday

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