Go ahead, it won’t hurt. Pay it Forward

So today the doorbell rang.  Yup the doorbell.  Haven’t heard that in a while…well I probably would if I were home throughout the day when Amazon comes, but needless to say, it kinda gets me off guard every time.

Most of the time it rings, it’s neighborhood kids looking to play, but today it was a father of a family whom I have the utmost respect for, and this only confirms my gut intuition.

The dad stopped by to bring me a package of delicious drinks along with some words of appreciation.  He just wanted to say thanks for all the times I’ve helped him with any of his questions or issues he’s had with any of his technology.

Not only did he have to think of me in the first place, but the time to carve out of his busy schedule to buy me something and then personally deliver is just a reminder of why I do what I do.  It was old school appreciation, extremely nice, and the words alone would have been enough.

So what can we do in our lives for someone else?  What random act of kindness can we deliver?  What path will you walk down? What bridge will you conquer? You don’t need money.  You don’t need a gift.  Sometimes the acknowledgment and words from someone else are enough to keep that inner spark in your body breathing.  You’ll never know what’s really happening on the other side of the fence of someones life.

So why not pay it forward once in a while. Think of someone else, a friend, a stranger. I can speak off personal experience that if and when you do, you’ll receive it too.

Thanks for the delicious beverages and kind words Tim.  It’s appreciated more than you know.

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