Please, put your addiction away…

Seriously, just for an hour put your addiction back in your pocket!

Sometimes the most beautiful things/people in life are staring us right in front of our faces, yet more often than not, we fail to even notice or recognize it.  I find myself admittingly walking starring down glued to my iPhone wherever I go as others mimic me soaring past.  It’s quite sad really, and I can 100% admit that I am addicted to it.

As I grow older, I’ve come to realize the world is in no one’s hands except your own.  You control your tomorrow as you learn from your yesterday.  The days aren’t getting any longer, and your age for sure isn’t getting any younger.  So go explore.  Follow your passion and your dreams.  Re-connect with a long lost childhood friends.  Just do something.  No more excuses, no more reasons of why you can’t.

From here on out, live today like Nike’s slogan; Just Do It

The other day my friend Sarah asked me if I wanted to venture into the city to explore and take pictures, which she should know better….My gear was already charged, packed and loaded in the car.  That’s really just a silly question for me!

Our adventure started at the sculpture gardens, then lunch at Hell’s Kitchen, then walking who knows where, then across 3 different bridges multiple times…needless to say, it was the blind leading the blind. But we didn’t care, it was a great time!

We were on a mission for capturing the day, freezing the moment of time, taking a break from our overbooked reality of life, which seems to be the norm for just about everyone now a days.

This adventure really made me want more.  Exploring streets and places I’ve never been, navigating through the night to find light as we repeatedly changed the settings on our cameras in attempt for that perfect shot.

Below are just a handful of photos from that day.  I hope you enjoy them.  I can certainly tell you I will be back to these spots and more, as I will force myself to put my addiction away, look up and notice our beautiful surroundings.



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