Meet Dylan

So i’ll be honest.  I have no idea who Dylan is, until now. He came along with the Hanlon crew and had his game face on for some photos.

I few things I learned about him.  He’s definitely smarter than me.  He’s among the top 5 of his senior class, and wants to be a doctor.  And when you have him sit on a bench, he makes it look like it was made for my children.

See… it wasn’t as painful as you thought it was going to be. Great job Dylan! It was a pleasure to work with you and i’m glad you were along for the ride!



Forget the selfie, You take the picture!

So a couple weekends ago, I took my boys downtown Minneapolis to the Stone Arch Bridge to capture some pictures with fresh new scenery.  So as usual, we pack our bags, grab some snacks, buckle in the car and we were off to another photo shoot with dad…which I might add, they actually were more excited than usual that dad was going to be taking more pictures of them because we got to go to a “cool” bridge!  They were so excited they even picked out their own matching outfits!

Not only was the sunset beyond perfect, the area was crowded with people walking their dogs, holding hands, admiring the architecture, smiling, and it was just overall a positive atmosphere.

The best part though, was that I was approached by a couple to take my picture with the boys.  At first I graciously declined, but she insisted and said “I’m a photographer and I know how seldom I get my picture taken”.  So at that point, I couldn’t help but say no, and as I look back at this kind gesture, I’m extremely grateful she offered, and I couldn’t thank her enough.

So that got me thinking.  How often are you out and about and you see the typical scenario of a couple learning back as far as they can to take a selfie of themselves?  Or see the father taking a picture of his family only to be left out himself. Or perhaps you’re walking through park only to see a single parent also trying to take pictures of their little ones.  So my challenge for you is to notice.

Notice the people around you.  Notice your surroundings.  Notice the scenery.  I among everyone else is guilty of being glued to a piece of technology, whether it’s my cell phone, tablet, or camera.  But as I get older I start to appreciate the little things more and more. The little but bigger moments and memories that until you look up you’ll never appreciate to notice.

So go next time you’re out and about, look up, look out, and notice the people and your surroundings and offer to take that picture.  I know I will.