Go ahead, it won’t hurt. Pay it Forward

So today the doorbell rang.  Yup the doorbell.  Haven’t heard that in a while…well I probably would if I were home throughout the day when Amazon comes, but needless to say, it kinda gets me off guard every time. Most of the time it rings, it’s neighborhood kids looking to play, but today it was a father of a family whom I have the utmost … Continue reading Go ahead, it won’t hurt. Pay it Forward

The Fantastic Four

Family. Some people love theirs, some people don’t.  I can only speak to my experience growing up and how important family is to me. For those of you who know me well, you know that the ties between my family is strong, and the bond between my brothers is stronger.  We’re a package deal.  Everyone knows everything…well almost. But this post isn’t about my entire … Continue reading The Fantastic Four

Meet the Beaver Family

Happy Holidays everyone!  I’d like you to meet the Beaver family who braved the 5º Minnesota weather to walk through a forest and capture some memories! It was cold, we walked on frozen water, there were tears, there were kisses, and lots of smiles!  They were all champs! Thank you Beaver family for the opportunity to spend the morning with you on this holiday season!  … Continue reading Meet the Beaver Family

All I want for Christmas…

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” Yes, feel free to sing that in your head…it’s ok, I did. This weekend’s mission with the boys was to get our Christmas Tree, and with the addition of some snow, what better way to enjoy it than taking some pictures too! So after a slight detour to Kohl’s to pick out some items to complete their … Continue reading All I want for Christmas…