Yup, I cried my first night on Broadway.

If you have a love for music, theatre, singing, dancing, or big cities, you need to make it a priority some day to see a Broadway Show in the giant city otherwise known as The Big Apple. The theatre’s are intimate, the talent is mind blowing, and the atmosphere is refreshing.  It’s an experience unlike no other that will have you craving more the moment you … Continue reading Yup, I cried my first night on Broadway.

Two Hundred and Seventy Five

275 days. 6,600 minutes. 396,000 seconds. Congrats Mr. B, you are now officially a First Grader. It’s amazing to look back on a school year and wonder where the time went.  I remember his first day.  He was so eager to go to school.  New shoes.  New backpack.  Nervous. Excited.  New friends.  New Teacher.  I often wonder what it’s like to be in the mind … Continue reading Two Hundred and Seventy Five

Meet Ashley

I’ve known Ashley through mutual family and friends for many years, and never really hung out with her much, but after spending a few hours with her taking pictures, it’s no wonder how i’ve only heard positive things. Ashley has an amazing playful personality who’s creative mind never seems to stop. She’s definitely not shy behind the camera which makes me think she’s secretly a model, … Continue reading Meet Ashley